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"The Nucleus of Any Successful Bowler is the Ability to Repeat Shots!" 

  Feel The Difference...                                        

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PBTS case front
PBTS case front

PBTS is in 5 Countries and Counting!


Are you a competitive bowler looking to improve the accuracy and consistency of your game? Or are you a bowling newbie trying to find a system that works for you? Either way, you’ve come to the right place!

Powerful Targeting System

Welcome fellow bowlers! We, at the Precise Bowling Systems, LLC, would like to thank you for visiting our site. As a professional bowler, I created the Precise Bowling Targeting System (PBTS) to improve my own game, and now I’m making this revolutionary system available to you. With the PBTS you will become a more accurate and consistent bowler which will increase your over all bowling success.

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Tournaments / Clinics

"The Keys Of A Champion"

Clinic Series

"The Art of Complete Targeting"

Giving you the tools and techniques to help you... Line Up for Success!

Targeting is the nucleus of a champion bowler. You can have the best physical game, the right ball and layout for the condition you’re competing on but, not being able to execute repeatable shots over and over will not yield complete success.


Why sometimes a bowler may not have a physical problem but a targeting problem. Falling off balance and pulled shots are sometimes a targeting issues!

Precise Bowling Systems - "The Art of Total Targeting" clinics you will learn all the components needed to compete on todays conditions with Precision, Accuracy and Confidence!

Clinic Includes:

  • Understanding the Precise Bowling Targeting System (PBTS)
  • The Arm Swing
  • Body Aligment
  • Hand Position
  • The Release
  • Lane Play and Adjustments!
  • ...and much, much more!

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Honor Roll


What can I say... This product works! I have been using this system for about 2 and a half years now and wow, what a difference. When I was introduced to this system, I was at a bowling plateau. I had averaged about 212 for 4 years in a row with no improvements. I knew I was missing something from my game. First thing this system did is allow me to move my eyes from the foul line where I was previously spotting to the arrows within one week without any drop off of my game. I had a 300 and 800 within the first month of using this system. I finished that year with a book average of 214. The next year it jumped to 219. This present season it is currently at 225. Im having my best season to date with 3 300's this year. I look forward to the future with this system! If you want to increase your average, honor scores and overall bowling, I highly recommend this system!

"Money" Mike Christy

Marietta GA

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